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Featured Services of Kaon

Product & Mechanics Design

Idea to Production. High technology hardware projects.

Electronics & Cabling Design

Complex PCB Design.

Embedded Development

Complex Technology Product development. Firmware, Application Development, Device Interfacing, Cloud and Mobile solutions.

UI/UX Design

Effective human-centred website and mobile design. Capable of creating UX/UI design for customers website or app.

Web application development

Software consultancy for complex web applications.

SolidProto Manufacturing Service

Total Product Ownership service. We help you navigate through all steps to launch product, covering all steps.

Product & Mechanics Design

Our product design team consists of mechanical engineers and industrial designers. Our experience ranges from working at startups to enterprise corporations, and we can confidently handle all steps of new product innovation.

CREO, SolidWorks competency

Complete solution from Idea to Market

Flexible consultancy to speed up processes

Complex mechanisms, electronics integrations and waterproofing solutions.

Lead Mechanical Engineer as a Service

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Electronics and Cabling Design

Our M.Sc electrical engineers can cover various types of PCB projects as well as cabling design. We work flexibly and can offer electronics design as stand-alone service or bundled with other services as part of complete product design.

Rigid, Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB

HDI, High speed & multi layers

Low & High Power systems

Wireless solutions (LoRa, BLE, WiFi)

High Density SMT

Ultra low EMI

Fabrication and assembly documents

Cabling & Harness design & documentation

Embedded Development

Modern hardware projects require the highest knowledge in embedded development. Kaon can offer various services for IOT and high technology HW projects.

Embedded Systems: 8, 16 or 32 bit

Firmware development for CPLD, FPGA, SOC

Application development for FPGA, SOC

HDL & VHDL system development

Soft-core development

HW Interfacing: USB; RS-232, Eth, WiFi, BT

IOT Cloud & Web based control systems with hardware connectivity

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Feature Image

UI/UX Design

Easy and seamless to use web services are result of highly professional UI-designers. Human centered design service provides highest user comfort to the user. We can take care of complete UI-design project, as well as give our support by taking part in existing project.

Complete UI design project delegation

Improvements on existing designs

Design systems

Complex web applications

Web Application Development

We have the leading experts in guiding complex web application development services.

Modern web application development

Mobile applications

Home pages

Ecommerce projects

Software architecture planning

Technical Project Management

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Online manufacturing service with custom order flexibility. SolidProto is the manufacturing platform to get the best prototypes from the market. We are happy to assist you in full scale production sourcing services. Contact us for more information.


How Kaon works behind the scenes


Project Research

We take a deep dive at the status of the project and user needs. We always develop your project as if it were our own project. We determine potential solutions for the problem. We never fall in love with our own design: Only for the best solution.


Technical Feasibility Assessment

Was your project about software, mechanics or hardware, we assess the feasibility of the potential solutions. This can happen by light patent searching, public data research, API finding.


Development & Testing

As the development progresses, the project goes through a set of stages. We frequently test or prototype our solutions and achieve initial results fast. Final testing always requires more development work.

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